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Endangered -- “Everybody worried about African rhino, polar bears, and snow leopards... but what about Bigfoot and Pinky?

Climate Change -- “Hotter summers, colder winters, catastrophes, floods, hurricanes! Somethin' going on? Or is MeBigfoot worried ‘bout nothin’?”

Going Green -- “Bigfoot love green! The greener, the better. ‘Specially green road kill covered with a moist, slimy moss! Yum!”

Real Estate-- “Wanted: spacious cave, hovel, ditch, or gully. Must have privacy or no deal!”

Epiphany -- You like Epiphany video?

Wicked Witch is Dead! -- Who 'dat?

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Boldly go where no Bigfoot has gone before... ‘cuz even when you’re falling on your face, at least you're moving forward!

How It All Began!
two Bigfoot Hunters try to take Bigfoot's photo and prove Bigfoot exists! Ha! But Bigfoot outsmart ‘em when we "borrow" their camera and laptop. Watch video and see “How It All Began.”

Ephiphany - e·piph·a·ny [ih-pif-uh-nee]
A sudden insight into the reality or meaning of something initiated by a simple commonplace occurrence or experience.
Whoa! We been checking out ‘dat internet and it loaded with hot stuff like news, sports, and weather! Now we ready to speak out... so stand back ‘cuz MeBigfoot got strong breath! Watch 'da Epiphany Video!

'Da Polar Bear needs a new LAWYER!
The pool ol' Polar bears are losing their sea ice habitat making it more difficult for them to hunt prey and find dens for their cubs. Time is running out!

'Dat some party!!
Jefferson State Music Festival & Hemp Expo was a roaring success! Check out new VIDEO. We learn 'bout reggae and hemp... and 'dat hemp... it make great clothes, strong rope, and gets rid of TENSION HEADACHES... sorta like HOPS!

Money Makes 'Da World Go 'Round!!
When MeBigfoot first get big, bony hands on camera and laptop from Bigfoot Hunters in 2008, everybody worried 'bout 'da Great Recession. So ‘dey have a big election and everybody vote for hope. But now, everybody worried 'bout’a balanced budget. (Hope out ‘da window?) Is it tax breaks or tax hikes for the rich? MeBigfoot figure out! More

Time to set record straight. No Birth Certificate for MeBigfoot. Born in mountains long time ago. ‘Dat’s it... ‘dat da full record. Maybe MeBigfoot run for President anyway. Bigfoot Ticket all about freedom of speech, and ranting like a, a, ... well, like a Bigfoot.
Lots 'a people don't believe in Bigfoot. Still, 'da search goes on for the one, true Bigfoot. Who you think launch this website? 'Da American Bigfoot Society?

A Bigfoot Society? Fuggetaboutit... On my mudder... Fer years I been sayin' we need a Bigfoot Society! Lo and behold, all 'dat time it was right in front'a my face. Go figure. Looks like 'da search fer Bigfoot never ends. Here's a great site for all 'da facts.

How can anything good possibly come from
shocking discoveries about Bigfoot? Sightings! Eyewitness accounts! Home-made videos! Really? I believe Pinky and Bigfoot can transcend together to a higher level of consciousness and begin a new era of cooperation and understanding... or not.

Hey! MeBigfoot got idea! Maybe all 'dem
Shocking Discoveries all good! More everyone think Bigfoot just another fairy tale, the safer for the real Bigfeet, like me, to come out of closet!
Oh, dat's brilliant!
OK! OK! More important things to worry about. Who thinks our videos a hoax? 'Dat famous Patterson film
no hoax, right? MeBigfoot figure out how to help Pinky fix Planet Earth. ('Dat you!)

But let us not forget WHY we launched this website. Planet Earth is in a terrible mess! We must march forth together and solve these problems for Pinky, for the Bigfeet of the world, and for the Universe...for we are not alone!
Okay, okay! Enough'a dat
cosmic universe junk. 'Dat too far out for 'dis serious kind'a Bigfoot website!
But the cosmic power of the Universe can change the course of the events as Pinkys and Bigfeet transcend to a
higher level of consciousness!

Andre 'da Giant
OK! 'Dat's it! time we change subject. Here 'a link 'bout a
GIANT PINKY. Or maybe he just a hairless Bigfoot?

You talkin' to me? I'm walkin' here!

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